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Celebrating Philanthropy, Inspiring Millions

The Golden Karma Awards are a national education program of Success For Good, designed to educate and inspire millions of people about philanthropy and helping others. As such, the Awards honor national and international personalities for their philanthropic actions to show positive examples of philanthropy and community involvement. Awards are also presented by celebrities to 'ordinary' individuals who have show extraordinary selflessness in the nonprofit sector. The Awards show was hosted by Entertainment Tonight host Mark Steines and nationally broadcast on Superstation WGN, with a reach of 70 million households.

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The Golden Karma Awards National and International Honorees:

Muhammad Ali Boxer Muhammad Ali is well known for his one hundred defeats. He is also known for donating countless amounts of time and research to Parkinson's related charities every year. Ali is fighting Parkinson's himself. He helped develop The Muhammad Ali Center, which is a place for people to go to, not only to learn about his life, but to learn about themselves. Ali lends his name and presence to hunger and poverty relief, supports education efforts, promotes adoption and encourages people to respect and better understand one another. It is estimated that he has helped to provide more than 22 million meals to feed the hungry.

Television host Bob Barker is one of the most notable spokespersons in the animal rights movement. He established the DJ&T Foundation, the purpose of which is to help control the cat and dog population. Barker is known to fund the foundation with his own resources to support low-cost or free spay/neuter clinics. Barker has also established endowments of $1 million each at a number of law schools including Stanford, Columbia, Duke and UCLA, for the study of animal rights law. He is a role model for Animal Issues; he is even trying to pass a bill (Bill HR2929) which bans the use of elephants in circuses. Bob Barker

Jessica Biel Acclaimed actress and Esquire Magazine’s 2005 “Sexiest Woman Alive” Jessica Biel received the Golden Karma “Young Philanthropist” Award for her charitable works. In addition to continuously supporting organizations such as Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Serving Those Who Serve and PETA, the young actress has already established her own charitable organization, the Make the Difference Network (MTDN), a national “wish list” where people can search, find and fund specific “wishes” and “needs” that have been listed by nonprofit organizations.

Philanthropic Focus
Serving Those Who Serve meets the needs of injured soldiers and veterans returning from home Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Focusing on providing home modifications and repairs to help ease the transition back into their home after a life altering injury, Serving Those Who Serve is a joint effort between Rebuilding Together and Countrywide. The projects focus on the rehabilitations of a home to help make them safer, more comfortable and to improve the quality of life for greater independence and mobility for military personnel with severe service related injuries. For more information on Serving Those Who Serve visit www.servingthosewhoserve.com

Serving Those Who Serve

Actor/Musician Harry Connick, Jr. has agreed to be honorary chair of Habitat for Humanity's "Operation Home Delivery," a long-term rebuilding plan for families victimized by Hurricane Katrina. He filmed a Public Service Announcement to help raise funds for the rebuilding effort. Connick was known to help out with Hurricane Relief in New Orleans, his native hometown. He helped out at the New Orleans Convention Center during these desperate times. Connick also performed at "A Concert for Hurricane Relief" on NBC, to raise funds for those affected. Harry Connick Jr.

Katie Couric Katie Couric has focused her work on more than just being anchor of the CBS Evening News and former co-anchor for "The Today Show." She also works deliberatively to increase the awareness of colorectal cancer. In 1999 she co-established the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA). The NCCRA was founded to end the threat of colon cancer through education, new research and regular medical screenings. The NCCRA also provided funding for The Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health, named after Couric's late husband. The Jay Monahan Center is one of the few cancer and wellness centers in the U.S. that is dedicated to gastrointestinal health. Couric hopes to improve the odds for individuals with gastrointestinal cancers and help prevent the disease in others.

The Golden Karma "Spirit of Hollywood" Award was presented to Hollywood Mayor and Chairman of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Johnny Grant for his record breaking years of service to the USO. Grant holds the record of 58 USO tours to entertain and show appreciation for the United States Armed Forces.

Philanthropic Focus
The USO provides morale, welfare and entertainment needs to men and women in uniform. Delivering its programs and services at more than 120 locations around the world. USO offers a virtual "home away from home" with free internet, email access, libraries and reading rooms, housing assistance, family crisis counseling, support groups, game rooms and nursery facilities for military personnel and their family members. A congressionally chartered, private non-profit organization, The USO relies on their generosity of individuals and corporations for funding. For more information or to make a contribution go to www.uso.org or call 1-800-876-7469

Johnny Grant

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie, known for her on-screen roles, is also known for spending most of her free time helping refugees under the care of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. Jolie has traveled with UNHCR to remote and desolate regions, meeting refugees and field workers in some 20 countries and regions including Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire, Pakistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Ecuador, Kenya, Namibia, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, the Russian Federation, Jordan, Egypt, Chad, Sudan's Darfur region and Lebanon. While Jolie is most valued as a dedicated advocate for refugees, she has also been a generous donor to UNHCR. She has donated to many field operations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans and the Americas. She is often the first private donor to respond to UNHCR appeals for emergencies and forgotten refugee crises across the globe. She covers all of her expenses when she goes on mission with UNHCR, as well as costs related to her World Refugee Day activities and other refugee advocacy projects. These contributions now total well over $3 million.

Oscar and Golden Globe winning actress Marlee Matlin was also honored for her passionate dedication to The Children Affected by AIDS Foundation. Matlin is a board member and tireless advocate for the group which helps children and families affected by this devastating disease.

Philanthropic Focus
Children Affected by6 AIDS Foundation (CAAF) seemd to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children impacted by AIDS/HIV in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. Devoted to providing social, educational, recreational and other critical support programs, through grant-making and the development of initiatives CAAF meets the needs of children by raising and distributing funds to improve their daily lives. CAAF dollars some from fundraising events, the support of sponsor organizations and generosity of donors. The organization has generated over $23 million and provided critical assistance to the pediatric AIDS community. For more information on CAAF visit www.caaf4kids.org

Children Affected by Aids Foundation
Marlee Matlin

Paul Newman Actor Paul Newman has numerous ties to the philanthropic sector. The most well known is through Newman's Own, all of the proceeds from this company, totaling over $175 million, go to charitable organizations of his choice. He is further involved through his active participation on the boards of directors of the "Hole in the Wall Gang" camps (which were initiated and are funded by Newman's Own contributions). The camps are all found under the umbrella name of Association of Hole in the Wall Camps and serve seriously ill children ("Hole in the Wall" is a movie reference to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ). The Scott Newman Center, also founded by Newman, works to prevent substance abuse through education. The center produces short films and other materials to educate the public on the dangers of drug abuse. It also runs a camp for children and families whose lives have been affected by drug or alcohol abuse or domestic violence.

Actor Robert Redford focuses on issues concerning the environment. He launched a radio campaign with the Natural Resources Defense Council on the critical environmental issues facing the country. He urges responsible methods for reducing our oil consumption He has been a forceful advocate for the Clean Air Act, the Energy Conservation and Protection Act, and anti-strip-mining bills. He lends his name to these efforts by testifying on Capitol Hill, and lobbying key members of Congress. The Redford building in Santa Monica houses the Natural Defense Councils office, and its floors are made of bamboo and the carpets from hemp. Robert Redford

Jane Seymour Jane Seymour – was recognized with a Golden Karma Award for her extensive work with the American Red Cross. Seymour’s work with the Red Cross in Kenya inspired an eye-opening documentary filmed by her husband James Keach and served as the catalyst for her to form the J & J Foundation to benefit children in need.

Philanthropic Focus
Jane Seymour is a member of the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet. Through a joint effort between the American Red Cross, United Nations Foundations, CDC, UNICEF, and WHO, the Measles Initiative is committed to reducing measles deaths. Each year, measles kills more than 454,000 people globally, and those 410,000 are children under the age of five. Easily prevented with a simple vaccination that cost less than a $1 per child: as part of the Measles Initiative, 217, million children in more than 40 African countries have been vaccinated against this disease. Largely due to the Measles Initiative, measles deaths had been reduced by 60% in Africa, contributing to a 48% drop globally. To learn more about the Measles Initiative visit www.measlesinitiative.org.

Measles Initiative

Unity Through Music - a nonprofit organization founded by Maestro Edin Dino Zonic. As Composer, Conductor and Cultural Ambassador, Maestro Zonic is dedicated to continuing the expansion of peace and unity through music, music that bridges cultural, national and religious barriers to bring the universal message of peace and hope to the world at large. This is accomplished through an ongoing series of concerts and associated activities throughout the world.

Philanthropic Focus
Unity Through Music- a nonprofit organization founded by Maestro Edin Dino Zonic. As Composer, Conductor and Cultural Ambassador, Maestro Zonic is dedicated to continuing the expansion of peace and unity through music., music that bridges cultural, national and religious barriers to bring the universal message of peace and hope to the world at large. This is accomplished through an ongoing series of concerts and associated activities throughout the world.

Unity Through Music
Maestro Edin Dino Zonic

Phoenix Community Philanthropy Honorees:

Don Henninger, Publisher of The Business Journal and active Valley leader was selected for his Corporate Leadership.
Susan Karis, Southwest Region SVP of Clear Channel Radio and active Valley leader was selected for her Corporate Leadership.
Robert Machiz, major supporter of numerous nonprofit initiatives was selected for his Individual Leadership.
Jimmy Walker, founder of Celebrity Fight Night and a major supporter of numerous nonprofit initiatives was selected for his Individual Leadership.
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